Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry (SCAD)

SCAD 2018 annual conference

The Executive Board of the Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry (SCAD) cordially welcomes you to our 10th Annual Conference. 

10th SCAD Annual Conference
at the Duke Hotel, Newport Beach, CA, USA
on October 18-20, 2018.

This meeting features high-quality, evidence-based information on color-related issues in dentistry presented by many of the leaders in this field (up to 16 CE hours), including:

Edson Araujo (Brazil) • Markus B. Blatz (USA) • August Bruguera (Spain) • Stephen J. Chu (USA) • Julian Conejo (USA) • Jon Gurrea (Spain) • Petra Guess-Gierthühlen (Germany) • Linda Greenwell (UK) • Galip Gurel (Turkey) • Francisco H. Imai (USA) • Ernesto A. Lee (USA) • Brian LeSage (USA) • Jacinthe Paquette (USA) • Patrick Rutten (Belgium) • Christian Stappert (Switzerland) • Taiseer A Sulaiman (USA) • Marcos Vargas (USA) • Bobby Williams (USA) • Aki Yoshida (USA) • more to come

Our poster session will be an additional valuable source of evidence-based information. We will announce the 2016 recipients of SCAD VITA Award for Excellence in Research Related to Color and Appearance in Esthetic Dentistry (pre-doctoral students, graduate students, and non-tenured junior faculty), and 2015 recipients of Larsen-Chu Award for Excellence in Dental Technology.

We cordially invite you to join us at SCAD 2018!


2018 CDT Competitions

New opportunities for laboratory technicians: funding, recognition & continuing education

SCAD is conducting two competitions for excellence in dental technology in 2018:

  • The “Larsen-Chu Award” competition is open to junior dental technicians who have less than 10 years in practice. 
  • The “Virtuoso Award” competition is open to dental technicians with more than 10 years in practice. 

The CDT Award Committee, Chaired by Aki Yoshida, RDT, will review the submissions and send acceptance/rejection notice to all applicants. Authors of accepted submissions must attend the annual meeting, and display their work.

Submission deadline: Sep 15, 2018


2018 SCAD VITA Award for the Best Posters in Clinical and Research Category

It is our pleasure to inform you about new funding opportunity. SCAD has established the VITA Award for excellence in research related to color and appearance in esthetic dentistry.

Three categories of US/international applicants are eligible for the awards: pre-doctoral students, graduate students, and non-tenured junior faculty.

Each recipient will receive a $1,500 stipend at the annual meeting.
Submission deadline: September 15, 2018.


About SCAD

The Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry (SCAD) was founded in 2008 as a consortium of dental professionals and other experts interested in this area of aesthetic dentistry specifically related to scientific investigation and application of color and appearance in dentistry. The SCAD goals are as follows:

  • To serve as a uniting force in the profession by promoting and fostering greater awareness for color and appearance in dentistry;
  • To advance multidisciplinary collaboration and discovery among industrial and institutional researchers, clinicians, laboratory technicians and others with an interest in color and appearance in dentistry;
  • To create and implement educational and training programs on color and appearance for dental professionals and students;
  • To promote dental health for the general public through the advanced art and science of color and appearance in dentistry.

VITA is part of the founders and premium sponsor since day one.