VITA Shade Assist / VITA ToothConfigurator

VITA Assist, one software – a wealth of possibilities

The VITA Assist software currently combines the VITA ShadeAssist and VITA ToothConfigurator modules.

The VITA ShadeAssist module is the perfect interface between the practice and laboratory. It guarantees precise shade communication, minimizing your costs in terms of subsequent shade determination and shade correction.

The VITA ToothConfigurator is just as useful. This interactive consultation module allows patients to be involved in planning and designing their own prostheses. The full version of VITA Assist offers comprehensive use of all functions as well as automatic software updates.


VITA Dental Equipment DVD (Prod. no. 10228M)
(incl. VITA ShadeAssist + Demo VITA ToothConfigurator)

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VITA ToothConfigurator Anwendungsbild 2
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Software products

Software VITA Assist
Description Prod. no.
VITA Assist Set (Full Version, german) DASSISTSETD05
VITA Assist Set (Full version, english) DASSISTSETE05
VITA Assist Set (Full Version, french) DASSISTSETF05
VITA Assist Set (Full Version, italian) DASSISTSETI05
VITA Assist Set (Full Version, spanish) DASSISTSETSP05

VITA Assist Software

Contains VITA ShadeAssist and Demoversion VITA ToothConfigurator

User manuals

No. 10199 VITA Shade Assist (Version 001)


No. 1779 VITA FDS – Firing Data System VITA Operating manual (Version 001)


No. 1882 VITA Assist Short description (Version 002)


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App_VITA mobileAssist

App_VITA mobileAssist

VITA mobileAssist provides a simple way for the perfect communication of tooth shades from dentists to dental labs.The results of shade measurements performed with the spectrophotometer VITA Easysahde V will be imported via the Bluetooth interface into digital images on your Android device and can then be shared with recipients.

The App provides options for displaying all tooth shades in the established standard shade systems VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER and VITA classical A1-D4, as well as an indication of VITABLOCS shades and tooth bleaching shades.

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