Accessories for Press Ceramic

VITA PM disposable press plungers
Pack cont. 50 disposable press plungers, diameter of 12 mm for 2 g pellets. Suitable for all press ceramics. Time-consuming sandblasting of the aluminium oxide plungers is no longer required and the unique composition of the plungers avoids microcracks in the press cone.

VITA PM investment system, 200 g
Pack with investment ring, sprue base and level gauge. Thanks to the clearly visible markings on the inner side, the silicone investment ring allows fast and controlled detection of the pressed object and thus saves time and material during sandblasting.

VITA PM investment material mixing liquid
Special mixing liquid for VITA PM investment material.

VITA PM investment material
Phosphate-bonded and graphite-free investment material for speed heating, especially for VITA PM 9 press ceramic.

Accessories for Press Ceramic products

Accessories for Press Ceramic
Description Prod. no.
VITA PM Disposable press plunger, 50 pcs. E001
VITA PM Investment system, 100 g / 200 g
Description Prod. no. 100 g Prod. no. 200 g
3 parts E003 E004
Description Prod. no.
Shade guide for VITA PM 9 opaque
Shade guide for VITA PM 9 high tranzlucent
0M2P, 1M1P, 1M2P, 2M2P, 3M2P, EN0P, EN1P, EN2P, ENDP, ENLP
Shade guide for VITA PM 9 tranzlucent
VITA PM investment material mixing liquid, 900 ml EEF900
VITA PM investment material, 56 x 100 g EEM100
Safety data sheets

SD184 VITAPM Investment Liquid (Version 001)

Hazardous Substance Sheets

SD183 VITAPM Investment (Version 001)

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