VITA MultiPump

Combined with VITA vacuum pump vacuum for up to four furnaces.

Available to order as an accessory to the VITA vacuum pump after the second furnace. Can only be used in combination with VITA vPad excellence.

Standard accessories:
2 USB cables, 10 m for two firing or combipress units.

Measurements: 244,5 x 172,0 x 73,0 mm

VITA MultiPump products

VITA MultiPump
Description Prod. no.
VITA MultiPump D61000
VITA MultiPump accessory
Description Prod. no.
VITA MultiPump additional accessories
2 USB cables, 10-meter vacuum tube for the 3rd and 4th firing units
User manuals

No. 10176 VITA MultiPump (Version 002)


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VITA MultiPump

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