Live Events and Seminars

Event Instructor Location Date/Time Audience
The Importance of Clinical and Laboratory Teamwork Peter Pizzi Online Webinar, 04/30/2024 - 04/30/2024
Creating A Perfect Smile Peter Pizzi Online Webinar, 05/14/2024 - 05/14/2024
Implants: The White and Pink. Simplify Complex Restorative Cases Peter Pizzi Lab Day West, Garden Grove 05/17/2024 - 05/17/2024
Implant Supported/Fixed Denture Solutions: Streamlining Your Workflow Eugene Royzengurt Online Webinar, 06/06/2024 - 06/06/2024
The Posterior Molar; Design and Function Peter Pizzi Online Webinar, 06/13/2024 - 06/13/2024
Zirconia - Present State of the Art - Laboratory Procedures That Can Positively and Negatively Affect Your Work Felix Pages Online Webinar, 06/27/2024 - 06/27/2024
Fixed Implant Prosthetics; Design, Function, and Material Selection Peter Pizzi Online Webinar, 07/18/2024 - 07/18/2024
Setting of Denture Teeth to the Physiologic Needs of the Patient Eugene Royzengurt Online Webinar, 07/25/2024 - 07/25/2024
Removable Denture Design; Digital and Traditional Peter Pizzi Online Webinar, 08/06/2024 - 08/06/2024
Using Art Techniques to Create Illusions of form and Translucency on Everyday Cases Felix Pages Online Webinar, 08/15/2024 - 08/15/2024
Removable Dentures: A Step-by-Step Workflow for Consistent Results Part 1 Eugene Royzengurt Online Webinar, 08/20/2024 - 08/20/2024
Removable Denture: A Step-by-Step Workflow Consistent Results Part 2 Eugene Royzengurt Online Webinar, 08/22/2024 - 08/22/2024
Photography and Shade Selection, A Needed Skill for Patient Restorative Acceptance Peter Pizzi Online Webinar, 09/12/2024 - 09/12/2024
Veneers; Mill, Press, Foil, Or Refractory Fabrication: It Depends Peter Pizzi Online Webinar, 10/22/2024 - 10/22/2024
Implant Supported Cases: Treatment Planning, Troubleshooting and Corrective Measures for a Successful Outcome Eugene Royzengurt Online Webinar, 11/05/2024 - 11/05/2024
Lithium Disilicate Press Ceramics with an Attitude Peter Pizzi Online Webinar, 11/07/2024 - 11/07/2024
Strength in Numbers; A Pressable Tooth Indication for a Natural Appearance Victor Castro Online Webinar, 11/12/2024 - 11/12/2024
The Work Around for Difficult Fixed Cases Peter Pizzi Online Webinar, 12/05/2024 - 12/05/2024